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Chiropractors are well educated and very skilled in the art of spinal adjustments or manipulation, in fact, chiropractic is one of the safest healing therapy’s. Plus there are so many new and modern ways to adjust the spine, that delivers a safe and gentle force to the subluxated or fixated vertebra, thus restoring normal movement back into the spine and improving posture.

Yes, Chiropractors are well educated, in fact chiropractor’s do similar hours over a 4-5 year period as medical students. Plus use many of the same text books. Chiropractor’s will focus more on spinal anatomy, X-ray analysis, diagnosis and treatment of spinal subluxations (Spinal misalignments). A medical student will focus more on pharmacology and general diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses. Like the medical profession chiropractor’s are registered primary health care providers and must complete post graduate continuing education courses every year to maintain their registration. The chiropractic profession has on-going research and development in to new ways of diagnosis, treatment and techniques to ensure that chiropractic maintains a leading edge as a primary health care professional.

Once you have decided to come to our office, you will fill out a health questionnaire, detailing your reason visiting our office, past and present history, traumas etc. The chiropractor will perform some orthopaedic, neurological and range of movement tests in order to determine the underlying cause. An X-ray may be performed to see exactly where the problem(s) exist. The chiropractor is looking for subluxations and postural distortions of the spine, these maybe acute or chronic in nature.

Simply put a subluxation is a shifting or locking up of the vertebra of the spine causing restriction of movement and pressure on the nerves, discs, joints and surrounding muscles of the spine.

Accidents, falls, sporting impacts, strenuous exercise, chemicals, poor sleep, poor posture, stress, repetitive jobs, birthing process for the mother and the child, impacts during childhood and heavy school bags.

Every single organ, tissue and cell in your body is controlled by the nerves which come from the spine. If the nerve becomes blocked or choked off by a spinal misalignment (subluxation) then what ever that nerve is supplying will not function correctly.

From the x-rays and other tests performed the chiropractor will design a set of corrective adjustments, a set of corrective exercises specifically and individually for you. Massage and strengthening exercises may also be recommended. Treatment is based on restoring normal function and movement of the spine, taking pressure and stress off the nerves, joints, discs and muscles. There are many techniques, however all are gentle, safe, effective and designed for long term spinal health and wellness.

A chiropractic adjustment is the art of delivering a specific gentle force to a subluxated or misaligned spinal vertebra in a specific direction, with the aim of increasing the range of motion of that joint and restoring the flexibility and position of the joint that was fixated or locked up. Plus also restores nervous system function and improved health.

Adjusting the spine can be achieved by lots of different methods. For example: the chiropractor’s hands, use of the specially designed table, plus a hand held instrument which delivers a specific gentle force to the subluxated spine. The chiropractor is highly skilled in the art of delivering the adjustment, regardless of which method is used and each adjustment is designed to suit the individuals condition.

Generally chiropractic adjustments do not hurt and in most cases feel great.

Our goal is to give you pain relief as fast as possible. The correction of subluxations by chiropractic wellness adjustments is a very powerful process.

Everyone responds differently, depending on how long and how bad the problem is and what you do when you leave our office determines the healing process. Remember if you keep scratching a scratch it takes longer to heal.

Three responses:

  • You may feel a warming and improvement of your symptoms as the pressure is slowly released.
  • You may feel no change at all for a period of time.
  • In a small amount of cases you may actually feel more discomfort to start with, you may get a headache and you might even find areas that were not sore before are now sore. This is because the spine is starting to unwind, different muscles and ligaments are adapting to the new position, the nerve flow is being restored, plus the spine is use to its old position and wants to stay there. This is why repeated adjustments are needed initially to re-educate the spine, nervous system and muscles to move into its optimal posture.

The choice is always up to you on how long you want to benefit from chiropractic care. What happens to your teeth when you stop brushing them? Decay and damage!! You can always get new teeth, but you only have one spine. Uncorrected subluxations may cause accelerated wear and tear of the spine, which once starts becomes a progressive condition, which needs to be stopped. Regular chiropractic wellness care maintains a healthy spine and nervous system.

Depending on how long you have had the problem and how bad the problem is. Subluxations are often silent and can be present for years before symptoms appear. Just like the blood vessels that get clogged up over years of poor lifestyle choices. You can’t feel blood vessels being clogged up. Nearly 50% of people who have a heart attack for the very first time have no prior symptoms but obviously the problem has been there for years and years. Judging your health by the presence or absence of symptoms can be dangerous in fact deadly. This goes for subluxations as well.

Proper correction of spinal subluxations is like the braces you wear for realigning teeth. It takes time.

More and more people are consulting chiropractic doctors, especially in their later years. With growing concern about over medication and side effects of combining various prescription drugs, safe, natural chiropractic wellness care is growing in popularity. Restoring better spinal function can help improve flexibility.

Combined with correct nutritional supplementation and other lifestyle principles chiropractic wellness is a great alternative to ease the pain of arthritis and maximise your overall health and wellbeing.