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Heal your aches and pains and de-stress your mind. You’re guaranteed to feel amazing after a massage with our qualified therapists. Health fund rebates are available.

Relaxation Massage (60 min – $75) Gold Coast | Helensvale

Relaxation massage is all about you relaxing. It focuses on giving the client time to recover from the
stresses of life. When you experience relaxation massage, you can expect a treatment that involves
long smooth gliding strokes that are rhythmic and flowing. Pressure that is deeply relaxing, but not

As with any kind of massage, the benefits of a relaxation massage can last for several days after your treatment. Relaxation massage – like other forms of massage – can offer the following benefits:

  • Lowering blood pressure – at least for a while
  • Improvements to peripheral circulation
  • Improvements to skin tone and appearance
  • Improvements to gastrointestinal motility (bowel movements will become more regular)
  • Some reduction in muscle tension including the relief of muscle tension headaches
  • Improvements to any stress-related symptoms. This can include providing a gentle boost to the immune system if you undergo regular treatments.

Therapeutic Massage (60 min – $75) Gold Coast | Helensvale

Therapeutic massage is a deep massage by trained massage therapists, to create the conditions for the body’s return to normal health after injury, muscular-skeletal disorders, chronic posture distortions, neck pain, headaches and back pain. Deep tissue massage removes blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions left after injury, speeds up recovery and encourages more complete healing. It is designed to increase the flow of blood and lymph, particularly in the injured areas. It is often successful where other forms of treatment have failed. Improvements should be noticed within 3 sessions

Sports Massage (60 min – $75) Gold Coast | Helensvale

Sports massage focuses on muscles relevant to an event. For athletes who train continuously, the
goal is to enhance endurance, lessen the chance of injury and shorten the time needed to recover
from an event. Prior to an athletic event, Sports Massage may be used with stretching in order to
help athletes to loosen up, warm and prepare their muscles so that their performance and
endurance might be enhanced. Following an athletic event, Sports Massage may be used to relieve
pain, prevent stiffness, and return the muscles back to their normal state. Sports Massage may also
be used for injury rehabilitation.

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