Dr John Warnock


Dr John Warnock

Professional Chiropractic Services

I discovered chiropractic when I was just 19. I had hurt my back from a combination of impacts as a child and repetitive lifting and twisting whilst working. Like most people I thought it would go away, but after 12 months it didn’t. I sought numerous forms of treatment with varying results. I finally went to the Chiropractor as a last resort, after two weeks of treatment my pain started to improve.

Professional Experience

I enjoy helping people in all areas of health and wellbeing. This is why we offer relaxation and therapeutic massage, stretching and strengthening programs, advice on correct supplementation, weight loss/detox and longevity programs. So not only am I a chiropractor but also a Health and Wellness Coach to many of my patients. If achieving optimal health, wellbeing and having a great quality of life regardless of your age is your goal, then you have come to the right place.

I never advise my patients to do anything unless I am doing it myself and have achieved great results.

It’s all about making informed health choices for you and your family, to eat well, to stay fit, healthy and active for your whole life. Your health is your biggest asset.

We find and correct spinal and postural misalignments using the latest, most beneficial, up to date techniques and technology’s. I use gentle, safe and effective corrective adjusting techniques along with simple corrective exercises and stretches for optimal longer lasting results. I take a wholistic wellness approach to help you achieve your goals and look forward to helping you soon.

Dr John Warnock